Saturday, July 20, 2013

Composting Red Worms in Aquaponics

I went to Bass Pro Shops to see if they had red worms and they did!  I got a small container of thirty red worms for $5.00.  I counted to see if I actually got thirty and I was counting past thirty. I counted to thirty-eight and stopped with plenty more to count.  I put about ten of them in my grow bed and fed ten of them to the tilapia.  I had the rest in a five gallon bucket i was going to use for composting.  My lovely wife hated the worms and dumped the bucket in the trash.  The worms are good for breaking down solids and create good chemical waste for the plants.  They also clean the solids out of the grow bed and keep everything flowing.  My fish love them and as the worms cycle through the system they'll be picked off by the fish.  The worms should lay a lot of eggs every week.

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