Saturday, August 31, 2013

June - August

     I wanted to post this sort of time-lapse so that you can have a good view of what has changed from the time I started in June till now three months later.  
     Over the past quarter I've had many plants die, due to my lack of a green thumb, but I still have a few pulling their weight.  My original plants started were: one green onion, oregano, tomato, greek basil, and a red bell pepper. I lost the green onion, oregano and recently my red bell.  I would say that the cause of death for all of them was due to water;  too much water leading to root rot.
     Others that I have planted were the green bell pepper, jalapeno, sweet banana pepper and duckweed.  Unfortunately I lost my jalapeno to root rot. The duckweed didn't have the right conditions.
     The tomato and basil I would say have tripled in size from then till now and have been doing very well.               

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tomato and Sweet Banana Pepper Blossoms

 My tomato and sweet banana pepper are blooming! I purchased these plants from Lowe's Garden Center.  They have a good selection and their plants look healthy. Keep the green growing!

 Sweet Banana Pepper

Tomato Flowers!

These buds should be growing into tomatoes!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Root Rot

Well, the Jalapeno and Red bell have had root rot.  My Jalapeno died because I didn't know what was wrong with it until my Red bell started doing the same thing.  The leaves get super soft and droopy, and the roots are brown and soft.  I pulled all the brown roots off of  the Red bell hopefully that was what I was supposed to do.  There were only a few short white roots left, thicker than all the brown hair roots but still not enough to support itself at its current sized.  

When transferring plants from soil, CLEAN the roots completely, especially on the peppers.  Also, spread the roots apart don't just dig a hole in your grow medium and plop it in.  If there are chunks of soil and/or the roots are just in a ball, they will not dry enough between water cycles; the plant will drown.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Greek Basil & Growth Comparison!

This is a small part of my Greek Basil that I pulled off and stuck in the rocks.  Its growing nice and big now!  You can see in the picture below the smaller leafs growing.

Here's an old updated view of the grow bed.  The small plant in the back right corner is a weed.  Check out the other pictures to see the difference in growth!

 This is a close up of the weed in my grow bed.  Compare this to the next picture and you can see a huge difference!

Our new Shnoodle puppy Branson!  He's about 8 weeks old!